toyota alphard hybrid

Pilihan Warna

White Pearl MM

Silver Metallic

Luxury White Pearl Crystal Shine

Alphard Hybrid Emblem

Experience Your Delightful Journey with Convenience

HSD & E-Four Emblem

Excelent fuel economy with superb starting power and drivability

(2.5 HV Type)

17" Alloy Wheels

Integrated Hybrid System Indicator

Integrated information display which supports Eco driving and indicates regenerative charging

(2.5 HV Type)

Multi Information Display

That provide every information about your car

(2.5 HV Type)

Driver Control With EV Mode & Electric Parking Brake

Eco-friendly drive mode with hybrid battery energy to drive vehicle using only the electric motor.

(2.5 HV Type)

A First Class Uncompromised Comfort with Luxury and Magnificent Interior Details

Executive lounge with spacious environment and flexible seating arrangements will enhance all your journey with luxurious feeling

(2.5 HV Type)

Vehicle Stability Control

Omni-Directional Compatibility Body Structure

Body Structure to Help Reduce Injury to Pedestrians

Clearance & Back Sonars

Spacious Luggage

(2.5 G & 2.5 HV Type)

Elegant Wireless Key

A keyless entry and button ignition for starting your magnificent journey.

(2.5 HV Type)

Foldable Center Table

Let you put all your glass or belonging easily.

(2.5 G & 2.5 HV Type)

Step Illumination

(2.5 G & 2.5 HV Type)

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